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Latest: 2/18/19 Eight days gone, Edie (Eee-dee)

Two greatly encouraging events, but a totally frustrating day. Two virtually certain sightings were reported in logical places this morning within 30 minutes and a quarter-mile of each other, near the Tar River and Blackley Roads intersection, but Edie would not respond to calls, and ran back into the woods. I was there within 10 minutes of first, and 5 minutes of second; we searched the block of woods until after dark, but never saw her again. So close, so frustratingly far. Thus, Edie remains at large. Heartbreaking, but confirms three things: she is safe and apparently unharmed, at least as of then, and nobody at this point has picked her up and is holding her. She is lost and afraid, and reverting to wild and survival mode of necessity. Search resumes at first light, hoping she's staying nearby, or at least still in the block between Tar River, Hester, and Sam-Moss Hayes Roads. More jackets and food are out; tomorrow we will strategically place a live trap. Keeping the word out through all avenues, remains all-important. Folks in this area and surroundings please maintain top vigilKeep watching this site for latest status of search. The effort continues to center on intense communication and active vigil. Study the photos very carefully. A number of "exact" matches so far look nothing like Edie. Should you see her, you can try to get low, call her name softly. She probably will not come to you. Try to keep her in sight, but do not chase. Please call me IMMEDIATELY upon the sighting at 919-528-2729 or 919-812-1681. Our utmost gratitude to everyone helping in the search. Keep checking this website for latest status. Watch your trail cameras.

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