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Nightfall, cold, wet, dreary with despair

2/20/19 Day Ten.

Nightfall, bringing warmth, comfort, safety and solace if you are home, foreboding, discomfort, loneliness and despair if you are not. Edie is not. She is still alone upon the world.

No further sightings, or calls. Her whereabouts unknown, but hopefully still in the blocks of woods near where she was last seen yesterday (the Tar River, Blackley, Sam Hunt Roads triangle, heading in the direction of the Tar River, Hester, Sam Moss-Hayes Roads block). But nothing is certain. The day raw, cold, and soaking, we can only hope and pray that she remains alive, has found shelter, and did not move much today. Though she is forced to forage for food at some point regardless.

This continues the deepest nightmare of our lives. I pray you never have to go through anything as similar.

On goes the search. PLEASE do not relent.

The fact that we know she was alive and apparently strong yesterday morning shows that she is a savvy and gritty little dog, or she would not have been. A survivor. Pray it continues until she is safely home. She faces tremendous odds, which increase geometrically by the hour.

If you see her, please call me IMMEDIATELY at 919-528-2729, 919-812-1681, or 919-218-0681. Stand in place, get low, coax softly. Do not advance or speak loudly at her, it is almost certain at this point you will only increase her panic and drive her further away, and into greater danger. If she shows any inclination to come to you, by all means encourage it. Wait for me, DO NOT chase or run after her, but try if you can to keep her in sight and determine her direction of travel. I will be there as fast as I possibly can. I still believe if I can get close to her, outside a state of panic, she will come to me.

Remember that she is deeply afraid and near wild of necessity, to survive. Her normal disposition is entirely friendly, loving, keen, and responsive.

If you see her around your dwelling or an outbuilding, again please call me IMMEDIATELY, and while I am getting there, use the same approach. If she does not come, but shows any inclination to linger, please encourage it by placing food out and retreating. She probably will retreat too, but may come back later to eat it even should she leave, if she recognizes your intentions. I will bring a supply of food with me. Could we establish any pattern of return, or lingering, even if irregular, we will be hugely closer to safely bringing her home.

Finally, the power of Facebook is proving more infinite than I ever conceived. So many I have talked with since this ordeal began, say they became aware through your posts and sharing. We will continue to distribute flyers, but please, please do not relent in posting and sharing, and asking the same of friends and their friends, on and on . . . Encourage them to follow this website as well for continuing daily updates

There is no way we can adequately thank you for all the aid, thoughts and prayers, but through this medium - which is one of the primary reasons we created it - we will continue to try. And HE will, and Edie will, for we all know that God gave us dogs to provide solace to humankind, to fill a missing void in our souls as only they can, to make us complete in a bond that has no other parallel on Earth. As with the Rosary pea, the golden standard of devotion.

With HIS help, and your continuing thoughts and prayers for the same, if it pray can be done, we WILL see Edie safely home.

May He continue to bless you all.

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