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Yet another raw, wet, cold, miserable night and day, Edie still alone against the world

2/23/19 11:48 a.m. Thirteenth day. Soaking cold rain, frigid air. All the hundreds, maybe thousands of prayers going up, and we get this??? We need Your help up there. No further sightings. Hopefully she is under dry shelter somewhere, and may not have moved much since the last sighting. All physical efforts continue full force, will not relent. Please, please keep the vigil and communications intense, Facebook and elsewhere.

Little else to report for now.

We have had so many wonderful e-mails, texts, calls of encouragement and aid from near and far. New friends and Dear old friends. We are still disseminating flyers. Facebook is alive with good wishes and shares.

I believe we are doing all that is humanly possible for the moment. We need another sighting to hone our efforts, a Blessing to go with it, to see Edie safely home.

God bless you All.

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Feb 23, 2019

Tears. So sorry, my heart is breaking for you and Edie. I live in Winston Salem. May I help? FB is Tanya Stothers McIntyre. God Bless!

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